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Observation Hives 


UM Observation HIveUniversity of Montana Online Observation Hive

The 'Amazing Beecam' at ARS BeeCam [not text-only friendly]

  100% glass observation hive

Build Your Own Observation Hive

A Homemade Observation Hivetraveling queen.jpg (44733 bytes)

Barry Birkey's Observation Hive Info & Plans

A six-frame hive is large enough to house a permanent colony, but eight frames or more would be better.John Caldera's Observation Hive Page
James D. Satterfield's Top Bar Observation Hive InfoA photo of an observation hive 
made from a hollow section of a tree

Jan Templeton's Observation Hive Page (in Dutch)

. Starting an Observation Hive

A voulunteer observation hiveThese bees volunteered to live under glass

Robert Talk's Three Frame Observation Hive

Observation HiveA hive I saw on Salt Spring Island.

WebCam Drapers Live WebCam

Discussion of Observation Hives

The BEE-L mailing list discussion group has had a lot to say about observation hives over the past decade. 

Click here to go to the BEE-L Archive Search Page.  Enter Observation Hive in the Search for box.

Suppliers of Observation Hives 

Draper Bee 1

Southwestern Beekeeping Supply Co

Sweet Pines Apiary

From: nick.wallingford@boppoly.ac.nz: You can send a blank email to observe@beekeeping.co.nz  to have an annotated bibliography about observation hives to be sent to you or go to http://www.beekeeping.co.nz/biblio2.htm Some of the references are pretty obscure, so won't be of value unless you live near a library with a good beekeeping periodical collection...