Inner Covers Still On

April 20, 1997

The inner covers shown here have about a one inch space under them to allow for pollen patties, etc, and to allow the bees to cluster above the frames.

While this has its advantages, it also has problems in that burr comb is built under them in the fall and in the spring and in that the bees tend to cluster up there in the spring rather than down on the comb where they would cover brood. Moreover, these lids are awkward to stack and carry around on trucks. Therefore we are tending more to use the pillows (shown in later pictures) in their place.

The inner covers in the picture were not moved from the position they were in all winter, and you will notice that they are somewhat askew. We have found that almost anything will work for a cover under the insulation pillows: burlap sack, plastic sheets and wooden covers all work equally well, provided that moisture is able to escape from the wraps themselves.

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