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Winter Beehive Wraps Made by Inland Plastics

A Stack of new Wraps waiting to have Entrance Holes Made A Wrap Being Installed on a Hive Our Newer Style Wrap Installed and Ready for Winter Another Style of Wrap

6 mil Black Plastic Pillows Stuffed with KodelŪ & used for Inner Covers

Cutting out Kodel (R) A Roll of Poly Tube (6 mil) Ready to Seal with an Iron Sealing the Edges with an Iron and Waxed Paper Finished Pillow laying on some Kodel Pillows on Hives (Telescoping Lids Removed)

Swinger With Forklift Mast. 

Lifting Supers into Storage  Moving Hives into Place for Winter Swinger with Mast

With Bucket

Swinger with Dirt Bucket 

With Pallet Fork Adaption

Pallet Forks Installed Pallet Forks Installed Detail of Removeable Pallet Forks 

With Barrel Attachment

Showing the Automatic Barrel Grapple

On a Quick Load/Unload trailer

wpe11473.gif (80338 bytes)

Another Forklift (Homemade by Philpotts)

Forklift made from 1950 Chev truck Jonathan & a Forklift Allen & a Forklift

Bee Loader Page (New Window)

A Truck with a Hive Loader


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