Does DWV have anything to do with the Queen?

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Does DWV have anything to do with the Queen?

Unread post by Allen Dick » May 29th, 2017, 9:25 pm

This came into my email today:
Hi Allen I have to say I really enjoy reading your responses I have a question I'd like to ask regarding deformed wing virus. This is my second year beekeeping last year I had a package of bees from New Zealand that had a very high mite load that I didn't catch until I spotted Bees walking missing their entire back end and Bees with deformed wings. They had drawn out and filled both deep boxes. I started treating with apivar and oav and they barely made it through the winter. Maybe the size a baseball. So I put them in a nuc and treated with oav and I gave them a frame of brood from my other colony. I treated again 7 days later and I am sure or I think I'm sure this nuc has no mites but I have seen a few Bees walk out with deformed wings already. My question to you now, is DWV have anything to do with the Queen somehow rather then mites??
My short answer is that, yes, there may be some bees that are more susceptible, but I think almost any hives would succumb if the varroa load was bad.

In this case, I suspect the hive needs more than just one or two treatments.
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