From: Donald Aitken
Subject: Re: [BEE-L] Vs: Re: [BEE-L] Formic and Oxalic acids

The physical properties of oxalic acid may be of interest in this
connection. The stuff one buys is usually oxalic acid dihydrate, which is a
crystal which has two water molecules attached to each oxalic acid molecule.
The CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics gives the following properties
for oxalic acid dihydrate:

On heating:

1) The water of hydration leaves at 101.5 degrees C. The water boils off
leaving anhydrous oxalic acid crystals.

2) At 157 degrees C the oxalic acid starts to sublime (goes directly from
solid to gas)

3) At 189 degrees C the oxalic acid which has not yet sublimed decomposes to
formic acid and carbon monoxide.

Best regards

Donald Aitken