Meijers EPS Boxes
are available from
Beaver Plastics Ltd
Head Office
7-26318-TWP RD 531A,
Acheson, Alberta

Toll free in the U.S. and Canada
1-780-962-4433 Fax: 1-780-962-4640

These boxes are high-density and cast in one piece.

  • No assembly required.  Ready to use as delivered.

  • Standard inside dimensions accept all standard size (9-1/8" deep) frames.

  • Dimensions are exact.  Boxes do not warp or shrink.

  • Solid frame rests are built into the boxes during manufacture.

  • Painting is not required, but these boxes can be painted with any exterior paint.

These boxes are designed for use as brood chambers year-round.

  • Bees winter well in these boxes without requiring any wrapping.

  • Standard wooden honey boxes stack on top for summer honey production.

    Note: Due to the thicker insulating walls, the exterior dimensions of these boxes are larger than wooden boxes.  Although floors and lids designed for wooden equipment can still be used, and I do so myself at times, these boxes are best used with lids and floors built especially for them.

Beaver offers free delivery on truckloads of 1404 boxes.

Meijers had the mould made and Beaver is handling the manufacture and sales
Prices were correct as at June 2012 and are subject to change without notice.
This website has no relationship with Beaver Plastics and any comments here are not an endorsement of the company.
I do like the product however

Here is my review

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