Lately, I find disagreement among the BEE-L moderators about what is acceptable on the list.  I often seem to be in the minority and find my posts rejected for directly confronting issues and abusers when other, offensive posts (I know because you tell me) are accepted.

I am now posting here the articles I write to BEE-L which are refused by the moderators, apparently for reasons of pettiness, squeamishness or political correctness.  Feel free to contact me.   (So far bouquets predominate by 5:1, but don't let that stop you from patting me on the back).

Here's one that they did not like because it sounded as if the moderators were agreed on this.  Obviously we are not.

From: "Allen Dick
Subject: From the Moderators
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2000 16:15:50 -0700

Just a reminder to consult before posting to BEE-L if you are unsure of the guidelines.

* Recently we have been getting good contributions that include too many unnecessary quotes for approval. We reject almost all these posts because -- if you have ever searched the archives you'll know -- they make searching and using the archives difficult.

Our current discussions are built on those previous discussions and we hope that everyone will consult the archives before posting questions. Even those of us who have been on BEE-L for many years are often amazed how the answers jump out when we search, or how we are able to ask better questions after a few minutes in the morgue.

* As for the recent theological and off-topic posts, I'd like to remind you that we are moderators, not censors. BEE-L is basically a free forum. We don't know in advance what will come as a result of any post, so we try to allow anything that seems even close to being on topic even if we personally think it sucks.

Sometimes we make mistakes. That does not mean we need to continue to make more mistakes trying to balance things out after we recognise an error. When the whole thing goes out of bounds is a judgement call. Since the moderators are from diverse backgrounds, belief systems, and countries, sometimes the line gets crossed. Better that than censorship.

Anyhow, we have cut the creation/evolution threads off. Thanks to all who contributed and to those who protested. FWIW, some of the rejected stuff we got was pretty good, and I wonder if we need to have a "Rejected by BEE-L" list for those who will read anything? If you think so write me direct.

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