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B Mitexx
A Device for Quick, Safe1 Oxalic Acid Vaporization

Oxalic Acid Safety

Cor showed off his latest models in February 2008 at the IPM Meeting

Medhat Nasr, our Alberta Provincial Apiculturalist and well-known researcher took interest in Cor's project some time back and worked with him to improve the original design to the present models which are more compact and efficient.

The efficacy of the machine was evaluated and compared to other available application methods2.  The machine is now called the B Mitexx

1. Read this important disclaimer
2. Nasr et. al. 2008. Integrated Parasitic Mite Management in Honey Bees,
                          ACIDF Project # 2004A071R pp 25-88.

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Using Formic & Oxalic Acids for treatment of Varroa & Tracheal Mites

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