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Friday 1 October 2004
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Everybody lies, but it doesn't matter because nobody listens. -- Nick Diamos

Well, we've been on the road, and any extra time I've had has been spent on the curriculum

I'll try to get caught up, but we'll see.

Medhat sent me the program for the upcoming meeting in Southern Alberta. Click on the thumbnails to read the agenda

The program looks pretty good.

He also sent the results of his mite checks on our hives, using alcohol wash




Weight of bee sample (g) No. of Bees No. of Mites Percent Notes
A-1   69.063 329 2 0.61%  
A-2   59.43 283 2 0.71%  
A-3   64.701 308 4 1.30%  
A-4   68.139 324 1 0.31%  
A-5   65.232 311 1 0.32% AFB PRESENT
A-6   64.575 308 1 0.32%  
A-7   63.083 300 2 0.67%  
A-8   55.459 264 0 0.00%  
A-9   59.442 283 1 0.35%  
A-10  55.82 266 2 0.75%  
A-11  65.729 313 0 0.00% AFB PRESENT
A-2-1 61.014 291 1 0.34%  
A-2-2 38.698 184 3 1.63%  
A-2-3 51.953 247 12 4.86% Styrofoam hive
A-2-4 68.139 324 57 17.59% Styrofoam hive
A-2-5 43.991 209 17 8.13% Styrofoam hive
A-2-6 56.875 271 97 35.79% Styrofoam hive
A-2-7 56.296 268 16 5.97% Styrofoam hive
A-2-8 68.538 326 55 16.87% Styrofoam hive
A-2-9 56.003 267 22 8.24% Styrofoam hive
A-2-10 67.02 319 4 1.25% Styrofoam hive
A-2-11 60.453 288 7 2.43% Styrofoam hive
A-2-12         Sample not worth taking
A-2-13 50.143 239 15 6.28%  
A-2-14 60.693 289 3 1.04%  
A-2-15 70.507 336 2 0.60%  
A-3-1 67.596 322 0 0.00%  
A-3-2 62.358 297 0 0.00%  
A-3-3 62.112 296 5 1.69%  
A-3-4 66.046 315 1 0.32%  
A-3-5 60.889 290 0 0.00%  
A-3-6  69.717 332 1 0.30%  


The hives in grey boxes are this year's Australian packages and have never been treated.  Those in pink are overwintered hives that have not been treated since the spring before this past one.  At that time, they got one strip of Apistan®. 


We did not use any oxytet in the hives since Spring 2003, either, and we can see a few cells of AFB.


Here is the same data in a chart.  What can we see here?



Possible interpretation:


Knowing that these hives were sampled and numbered from one end of the outfit to the other end, and that the hives are mostly in four-packs, we see that the high counts are grouped in one area.

  • Did one hive (17) rob a feral colony and bring back mites that then drifted with bees to nearby hives? 

  • Did one or two hives miss the last treatment a year and a half ago?

  • Are the higher scoring hives facing east or west?  I'll have to check.

  • Has one hive developed resistant mites that then spread?  I really doubt it.

 I decided to see how the hives are numbered  Here is the map.  Elliotts is not shown.



We had wondered if the hives showing high mite loads were close together or facing the same way, but apparently, although they are in the same grouping, they are not all contiguous

Since I am not being very faithful in keeping this page up, I have been thinking that I could send it out either a notice or the entire page by email if people care to subscribe.   Write me, if you would like to be on a list and get updates when I do them.  I'd email once a week or so at maximum.  Write me and let me know if you think that this is a good idea.


"If you do decide to update by e-mail only, please include me on the list. I am a beekeeper in California and have enjoyed your website for quite some time. I am continually amazed at the void of practical information available in California regarding things such as feeding pollen supplement and formic acid. Your website has been a very useful".

Actually, I'd still keep updating here.  It's just that, when I go away or don't keep things up here for a few days, I imagine people coming back over and over, hoping to find an update.  I also imagine that some visit regularly, then forget for a while, or lose the URL.

If I sent out an alert, then they would know that there is new material.  The problem, as I see it, is that I often do random minor updates and edits.  I'd have to be sure not to send more than one alert a week.

More bookwork. 

Then, I fixed the rear doors in the red Olds this afternoon and sold it.

Later, we went to the Mill for supper.

BTW, I screwed up some of the files so that some days were missing for a while.  Pretty well everything should be here now.

Today : Sunny. High 11. UV index 3 or moderate. / Tonight : Clear. Low 2.

Saturday 2 October 2004
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Brass bands are all very well in their place - outdoors and several miles away. -- Sir Thomas Beecham

Allen's Link of the Day:

Bioimkerei Wallner
Bio beekeeping Wallner

Jean & Chris came for lunch and stayed for supper.

Today : Sunny. High 22. UV index 3 or moderate. / Tonight : Clear. Increasing cloudiness overnight. Low 1. / Normals for the period : Low 1. High 15.

Sunday 3 October 2004
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After all is said and done, a lot more will be said than done.  -- Unknown

Today : Increasing cloudiness early this morning. High 11. UV index 3 or moderate.
Tonight : Clear. Wind southeast 20 km/h becoming light near midnight. Low 4.
Monday : Sunny. High 22.
Tuesday : Sunny. Low 6. High 21.

Wednesday 6 October 2004
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Today's events in 2003  2002  2001  2000

After all is said and done, a lot more will be said than done.  -- Unknown

We're away on a houseboat trip, but Medhat treated our hives today.

Wednesday : Sunny. Low 6. High 16.
Thursday : Sunny. Low 1. High 16.
Normals for the period : Low 1. High 15.

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