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Friday November 30th, 2001
Last year on this date

The day was spent in figuring out accounts -- again.  I have an appointment with the accountant Monday morning and hopefully most of this will be done by then.  We incorporated the business in the spring and it has meant changing our accounting quite drastically.  I suppose I could turn it all over to a bookkeeper; I think really need to consider that option.

The sun is very low in the sky at mid-day now and shines a long way into the room through the south windows.  It's a nuisance when trying to work on the computer.

The guys have been working short days and cleaning up in the basement.  

Ski joring on the damIn mid-afternoon, I fired up the SkiDoo and did more snowmobiling than I was able to do all last year.  It is still early for ski-joring on the dam, but the winter is off to a good start.

El was feeling a bit under the weather -- fighting a cold -- so I went, by myself, to Purves-Smiths for supper and a visit.

Friday: Mainly cloudy. 30 percent chance of flurries. Low minus 13. High minus 1..

Thursday November 29th, 2001
Last year on this date

We arrived in Calgary at about one-thirty AM.  Our car was covered with a pile of snow so high (~10 inches) that we had trouble finding it in the parking lot.  The temperature was about minus 15.   We got home and slept until eight.  I was very exhausted and spent the day paying bills, working on the books, and other paperwork.

Mainly cloudy. 70 percent chance of flurries. Low minus 16. High minus 6.

Wednesday November 28th, 2001
Last year on this date

We were up at six and left by eight, headed for Toronto.  Mom also came along in her own car, since Aunt Ev is in hospital there, having fallen a few days ago.  She bumper her head and put a hairline crack in her hip.  She is 87 and has been living on her own in her big old house in Toronto.  

We visited here in hospital, then El & I went to the airport, arriving at three.  Our scheduled  flight was at 9:35, and although they have always been put on an earlier flight when seats were empty (they almost always are), Air Canada  refused this time, and we spent over seven hours waiting at the airport, since we had surrendered our rental car.   People have told me that Air Canada is taking advantage of its new monopoly, and I have always argued with them, but I am starting to see how callous they are getting.  

Our flight was delayed and we finally flew out just before eleven.

Mainly cloudy. 40 percent chance of flurries. Low minus 15. High minus 5.

Tuesday November 27th, 2001
Last year on this date

We awoke to lots of white, fluffy snow, accumulating to about 8 inches or more.  We relaxed and visited Linda, then went to the library and the art gallery.  The library was okay, but the art gallery was a disappointment.

Sunny. Wind southeast 20 km/h. High minus 6.

Monday November 26th, 2001
Last year on this date

It's overcast again, but mild.  The forecasts are for snow tomorrow -- up to 10 inches, so we were wondering whether we should travel south ahead of it or wait and see.

We stayed and visited with Linda and Mom.

Snow tapering off this afternoon. Wind becoming southeast 20 km/h. High minus 8.
Clearing overnight. Wind south 20 km/h diminishing to light. Low minus 13.
Normals for the period
Low minus 13. High minus 2.

Sunday November 25th, 2001
Last year on this date

One month until Christmas

Jon & Sarah heading homeWe all slept until about ten, had breakfast and went for a walk around the neighbourhood.  The baby is now sleeping through the night, so Sarah and Jon getting more rest. 

We're hearing word form home that central Alberta is getting heavy snow.  Marge reported six inches around noon when she called.

Jon & Sarah left in mid-afternoon after visiting Linda for a while to head back to Rhode Island, a trip of about 14 hours.

Snow. Wind becoming north 20 km/h. High minus 5.
Periods of snow. Wind east 20 km/h diminishing. Low minus 9.
Normals for the period: Low minus 13. High minus 2.

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