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Storing supers for winter

Sunday September 16th, 2001, 2000

There are over 420 supers in the honey house awaiting extracting and we are planning the week.  We have 3,368 more supers to collect and, at 200 a day, that means we have 17 more days of work at the current rate.  Our target for finishing extracting and begin feeding and wrapping is October 1st.  Since we have yet to begin feeding and wrapping, not to mention medicating, we need to pick up the pace if we are to meet that goal.  We'll double our field crew this week and pull as much honey as the extracting crew can handle.  We can aim for yards which are light or heavy depending on how much room we have.  We'll also start feeding any yards that are ready to feed when we find we have too many field crew.  The weather forecast is for some rainy weather as well, so we will have to work around that.

Today: Mainly sunny. Wind northerly 20 km/h. High 22.
Tonight: Mainly clear. Wind diminishing to light. Low 6.

Saturday September 15th, 2001, 2000

We are on the job today.  Ellen & I are more or less taking the day off and doing odd jobs like updating the notes, but Paulo and Dennis are off to Frere's to pull that yard down this morning. 

We now have about 50% of our supers off, and 280 awaiting extracting.  We are now filling drum 276, so we are expecting to come in a little under 100 lbs for the crop.  Prices are around a dollar CAD, and I heard that 30 loads went out of Saskatchewan headed for the US with a return of $1.06 CAD to the producer.  So far the Co-op is not committing on a price for this crop, so, since we have filled our quota, we have sold a bit elsewhere.

I am now definitely under 230 pounds and the weight still keeps falling away.  It is a pleasure to not have a protruding stomach.  It is hard to believe how easy this weight loss has been, since I am seldom hungry and I eat what I please as long as I avoid sugars and starches.  I'm starting to think I will see myself at 200 pounds eventually.  I have not been that small since the seventies. 

I'm looking forward to snowboarding and skiing with less inertia this winter and can imagine windsurfing will be much better when I don't sink the board as much.  My ankle that was sprained Jan 1 is still acting up.  Seems that rocking the pedal on the Swinger forward and back bothers the ankle joint, and I have been limping since I loaded the last semi of drums for the Co-op.

Sunny. Wind increasing to south 20 km/h. High 26.
Clear. Wind light. Low 9.

Friday September 14th, 2001, 2000

Paulo, Dennis & I headed out about 9 to pull a few yards and find out what the holdups are. we have 4000 supers out there still, many of them empty or partly full and we need to get them off so we can feed if necessary.  Some years we have not needed to feed, so we will have to see.  I like to have the feed out for the bees by the beginning of October, and we would like to finish wrapping by early November.

We had 96 boxes by 11 and we were taking our time since I was doing some teaching.  We plan to double the crew next week.  Our quota is 100 boxes a man a day average and we have been falling below that due to some inefficient practices.

Sunny. Wind light. High 23.
Clear. Wind light. Low 6.
Normals for the period: Low 3. High 17.

Thursday September 13th, 2001, 2000

We're continuing to take off the last supers and extract.  I managed to get caught up on bill paying after the computer problems I have been having.

A mix of sun and cloud. Wind southeast 20 km/h. High 19.
Mainly clear. Wind light. Low 3. Risk of frost.

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