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Friday July 6th, 2001, 2000

  • Still supering.  85% are now five high.

  • Catching up on notes and tallying progress.

  • I worked in the Quonset at the end of the day organizing things.

  • I tidied the south yard and storage area (seen in the picture at the top of the page) after supper.  There is lots left to do.

Today: Sunny. Wind increasing to west 20 km/h. High 24.
Tonight: Clear. Wind light. Low 11.

Saturday July 7th, 2001, 2000

  • Wild roses are blooming

  • Supered Jonathan's yard - was only three high, and still in a winter group of 20

  • Some hives need seven standards.  Some are still in the thirds.

  • The granulation we put into the supers is entirely liquefied in the hives that are occupying those boxes -- as long as we scratched the cappings before putting it in the supers.

  • Found Karl had been doing a poor job on the supers.  He had been doing a great job and we had stopped monitoring closely..

  • I'm breaking in diesel #5.

  • I stopped at Gordon's and put queens in four splits.

  • Queens are surviving nicely in the travel box.  So far only 1 of the original 108 has died.  About twenty-four are left.

  • Robinsons & Jonny Hillus and his girlfriend came for burgers.

  • Extractor arrived from Manitoba around 11.  

Today: Sunny. Wind light. High 27.
Tonight: Clear. Wind west 20 km/h diminishing to light late evening. Low 11.
Sunday: Sunny. Wind light. High 26.
Monday: Mainly sunny. Low 9. High 29.
Tuesday: A mix of sun and cloud. Low 11. High 30.
Wednesday: Mainly cloudy with 30 percent chance of showers. Low 10. High 28.
Normals for the period: Low 9. High 23.

Sunday July 8th, 2001, 2000

  • Warm weather.  Can sleep with the windows open.
  • Still no frogs
  • Stampede
Today: Sunny. Wind light. High 28.
Tonight: Clear. Wind light. Low 11.
Normals for the period: Low 9. High 23.

Monday July 9th, 2001, 2000

  • Filed papers, made plans, supervised selection of combs.
  • Problems getting consistent work from one particular employee.
  • Home hives - some are full.
  • Fen & Lorilee came for supper.  Matt K showed up as did Shirley and Ruth.
Today: Sunny. Wind light. High 30.
Tonight: Partly cloudy. 40 percent chance of thunderstorms in the evening. Wind light. Low 13.

Tuesday July 10th, 2001, 2000

  • Drums arrived today.  Supposed to arrive at 2PM, but came at 4 PM.
  • Hired another student.
  • Very hot out.  I'm tired.  Went to bed at 12 and awoke at 4 AM.  Suspect that eating Polish sausage yesterday did it.  I ate several.
  • It's getting dry again, but rain is forecast for today and later this week.
  • We are nearly finished working through the supers and nearly finished supering.
  • I went out to put queens into splits at Georgie's & Cyrils's.
  • I found that it was easy to spot the queenless half at Georgies, but not at Cyril's.  I soon gave up there.   I guessed the second yard must have been done later in the day.  I still saw some eggs and no queen cells.   Actually, on checking, I discovered it was done only yesterday.  No wonder!
  • I direct released the queens, since it was hot, there was a flow on, and the bees seemed to accept the queens without any signs of hostility.
Today: Mainly sunny. 40 percent chance of afternoon showers or thunderstorms. Wind increasing to southeast 20 km/h. High 31.
Tonight: Partly cloudy. 40 percent chance of showers or thunderstorm. Wind diminishing to light. Low 13.
Normals for the period: Low 9. High 23.

Wednesday July 11th, 2001, 2000

Paulo and Dustin headed out with helpers to take care of the remaining yards that have not had their last supering round.  They pretty well finished up and we still have a few hundred supers left over.

Jeff and Karl continued to make up the last of the supers.  We had a new hire show up today.  Kyle has some experience welding and forklifting, so we hope he will fit in well.

Today: Mainly sunny. Wind light. High 29.  Low 12..

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