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Drums waiting to be filled with honey.  These 265 drums make about four semi-trailer loads when full.  In a good year, for us, four hives will fill a drum.  In other years, well...

Saturday June 30th, 2001, 2000

Mom and the kids were up at 6 AM to go to Muskoka.  El & I slept in I pressure washed Mom's flagstone patio all morning.  Pat's funeral was at two in the afternoon.  We were barely on time.

After the funeral, we went to Mom's, packed and headed over Faye and Bill's.  From there we went west and hour to Whitefish Falls, and the traditional camp of the Piirto clan where we spent two nights.  Bill enjoyed the pressure washer.

Sunday July 1st, 2001, 2000

We spent the day visiting and relaxing.  I had put my camera in Ellen's handbag since we were checking our other bags and forgot I had it.  So I have  no pictures of this exquisitely beautiful area this trip.

Monday July 2nd, 2001, 2000

Woke up at camp and headed for Pine Hill.  

Got there around seven thirty, since we stopped in Parry sound for a stroll and supper.  (Wow.  Forty bucks for very little.  Gotta love MacDonalds).

Ron was there and we had a good evening with him and Mom.

Tuesday July 3rd, 2001, 2000

Slept in a bit, then got out the pressure washer. my project was the boathouse dock which had accumulated moss and moulds.  It came out clean, but was a slow job, especially since I had to install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter receptacles in the boathouse and also create a garden hose fitting there for a supply.  This necessitated a trip to town and some tinkering, but now it is done and things are safe for posterity.

Wednesday July 4th, 2001, 2000

In the morning I finished cleaning the dock and washed a mat on the veranda.  It did not clean up as well as I had hoped.  Bat guano does not come out all that easily.  It leaves a dark stain in a cocoa mat.

We headed south around noon and stopped at the McMichael Exhibit to see the O'Keefe, Carr and Kahlo show that opened there this week.  The show was actually Ellen's main reason for coming east, since she is an artist and these are important painters whose work is not always easy to see on exhibition. 

From there we went straight to the airport where we were able to stand by for an earlier flight.  As it turned out when I calculated the mileage, the Toyota Echo had given me 48+ miles per imperial gallon ( ~58 miles/US gallon) and had lots of performance and nice driving characteristics.  I found it quite different from other cars I have rented recently and a bit basic in that it had neither cruise nor power windows & locks.  It did have A/C and a great stereo.  With power options, it would be a very acceptable car.

Once boarded, we sat for an hour and a quarter on the runway waiting out the thunderstorm that was directly overhead.  We got to Calgary around 10, but our luggage was nowhere to be seen.  We reported it lost, then went home without it.  We were told that later flights were held up even longer and if we had taken our originally scheduled flight we would not have been home until 2 AM -- or later.

Thursday July 5th, 2001, 2000

A mix of sun and cloudA mix of sun and cloud High 25C
Showers or thunderstormsShowers or thunderstorms Low 10C POP 40%

  • We were both very tired in the morning
  • The guys came, said "hello" and went right to work.  It's nice to know they can do things without us.
  • I'm catching up on the bills.
  • Bags arrived mid-afternoon
  • Matt called to tell me that he has finished the rebuild on D5. He brought it over and I drove him home.  
  • It sounds excellent. We rebuild from scratch to factory specs.  This one was totally re-sleeved.

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