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Saturday June 23rd, 2001, 2000

I slept well and got up late. After a late breakfast of steak & eggs, I caught up on email, and around 3 we headed out, for Sudbury, and John & Jill for KonTiki to go aboard their (second) cruiser. John had come across a bigger, better boat and purchased it, with intentions of selling the first. However the original still sits awaiting a new owner.

The field day site.  All power must be from standy units and everything must be set up to simulate an emergency. Hams try to contact as many staions as they can worldwide and record the communication on the compter log. Calling CQ field day in a screen tent.  Northern Ontario mosquitos are legendary.  

I arrived in Sudbury around 5 and went to Bill's.  He was hosting amateur radio field day in his back yard so I helped out with some QSOs.
"This is V-E-3-Zulu-India, V-E-3-Z-I. You are five alpha in ON"

Sunday June 24th, 2001, 2000

I woke up around 9 and went to see Linda. Mom came by after church and we had lunch.  In the afternoon. I wandered around town. Then we returned to Linda's for supper and a movie.

I see the weather in Alberta is rain, and that is a good thing.  The bees are -- for the most part -- good and with the rain, we have hopes of a good crop if it turns hot. I have not been seeing much canola in my travels at home, so we'll be relying more on clover and alfalfa. I did see a recent article, however, saying that hybrid herbicide resistant canolas are becoming a serious weed. This is not necessarily bad news for beekeepers.

Monday June 25th, 2001, 2000

I've been in Sudbury since Saturday night and it is getting to be time to head south. I want to stop in Muskoka for a while and to stop in Toronto to see my aunt and a cousin or two.

Tuesday June 26th, 2001, 2000

I spent the night at Pine Hill, then passed a leisurely day at the cottage.  In the afternoon, I played around on the windsurfer in the river, then at five headed south to turn in the car and fly home.  I arrived in Calgary at midnight and got home around one.

Wednesday June 27th, 2001, 2000

Thursday June 28th, 2001, 2000

Ellen & I caught a flight to Pearson at 2:15 and arrived in Toronto around six.  We spent an hour getting our car, a blue Echo with 2,000 km on it and then proceeded north to Port Carling.  We arrived around ten and found the weather perfect.  There were hardly any mosquitoes.

Friday June 29th, 2001, 2000

We awoke and had a leisurely morning, then decided to go to Sudbury to attend my cousin's funeral Saturday.  Ellen had not been East for a while, so everyone was eager to see her. 

We had supper in Sudbury at a Chinese buffet with mom, Linda, Sarah, Lindsay, Mairin, and Graham, then dropped in at Ellen's aunt's apartment for a few minutes.  We were near a Canadian Tire store, so I stopped there to get a pressure washer and then went to Linda's since Neal, my cousin was planning to drop by.  By 10:45, we realized he wasn't going to make it and headed over to Mom's.

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